Do What you Can With What You Have

If you've been wanting to make fitness part of your life, but feel you don't have the time or space to get started, then this is for YOU!

If you want to make changes that are going to stick as part of your routine you have to make it realistic in your life. If you are a busy parent, or busy professional and time is at a minimum, start with something that you can do in your home or office that can be executed without having to go to a gym. 

Last summer, I was challenged by a friend to try out swing set burpees and after a few tries I was hooked. When the kids were playing outside or swinging on the other swing I spent a few minutes doing these and the payoffs were huge. If you've ever done burpees before you know that your entire body goes into this movement. And when a swing is close to knocking your head you make sure you get as low as you can, so the burn was even greater. 

I few months have passed with freezing weather, but it was time to try out the winter edition of swing set burpees. 

I need a bit of a boost to build up the motivation to get outside so I drank Beet Boost in a small glass of water. Beets are a performance food and can boost performance. There is also tart cherries which have been shown to help aid in recovery and reduce pain. There is the equivalent of 6+ beets and 35 tart cherries in each packet. 

Check back for more fitness ideas and workout fuel.